My Sister's Keeper

On  Friday July 10,2015 Sandra Bland, a 28 year old female of African descent was arrested in Hempstead [Waller county] Texas during a routine traffic stop.

August 144 hours (Hail the 50th Anniversary of The Heroic L.A. Uprising!)


“I’m gonna loot ‘til the midnight hour
That’s when the gates come tumblin’ down
I’m gonna loot ‘til the midnight hour
When there’s no guardsmen around…”

I kicked off that martial law, off-the-dome
version of ‘Wicked’ Pickett’s dance floor-
filler and Son-Hawk, Ches-Schu, Ron Shaw,
‘Pookie,’ Jimmy and Jerome came in, Right
On Time, as though we’d rehearsed it, all of
our lives…

Our greeting to hoarse engines, huge tires,
of giant army green trucks bristling with
rifles, loaded with blue eyes and itchy trigger
fingers. Rumbling east, it headed down79th Street,

South Carolina terror

Image: The Mississippi state flag, complete with symbol of terror

Mississippi stuntmen


Southern Discomfort

July 7, 2015

On June 17, 2015,  a white gunman identified as Dylann Roof went into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal [A.M.E.] Church, allegedly to attend a Bible study and prayer meeting.

As soon as the prayer meeting was over he began to open fire in a massacre that killed 9 church members, including the senior pastor Clementa C. Pickney who was also a State Senator. Several others were injured in the shooting spree.

Best Buy Somewhere Else

Recently while going to Best Buy to make a purchase I walked into the store carrying a small box which shouldn't seem to out of the ordinary in these times of of reuse and recycle unless of course if you're black or brown!

Pigg Eric Casebolt

The honorable bronze statues at Birmingham, Alabama's Kelly Ingram Park showed a display of courageous youth, some young as 8 years old who refused to be silent and stood up for justice.

Racially/Disabled Profiled in Ottawa, Canada

Leroy Moore interviewed Sulekha Ali, who is speaking out after her autistic brother was profiled by police. The transcript is below.


April 28, 2015


It occurs everyday in this natural food holler:
Something looks suspicious, somewhat askew.
Doesn't look like a Yuppie, probably don't have a dollar.
Any Black man, any poor brother will do.

Like a solid shadow, the watchdog follows his steps
Through neat, crowded aisles of health:
Past free-range chicken, organic kale, turn left
Tailing a brother, walking by himself.



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