The people of my community know my heart

Displaced Hunter's Point Activist Keeps up the Battle.

Pt 2 in the PNN series on the SF election process

Shot Six Times in The Back

Howard University Student Killed by Maryland Police

Constitutionally Suspect or Economically Suspect

POOR Magazine contributor D'Shawn Williams responds to the recent ruling by the State supreme court to block Free speech defenses for panhandlers.

Incarceration or Education?

Graffiti artist deconstructs the question of Art vs. Vandalism in connection to Prop 21.

...those kinds of people belong in jail.

Homeless suspect wrongly accused by law enforcement and hostile residents


POOR Magazine columnist Ka Ponda investigates the implications of Barbara Harris' C.R.A.C.K.campaign on poor mothers.

Innocent until proven Black or Poor

The case of Leo Stegman vs.The City of Berkeley’s Economic and Racial Profiling Policies.

You Represent Those Sorry-Ass People…Hate Crime in San Francisco

Homeless advocate assaulted with racist and classist slurs writes an open letter to the SF Board of Supervisors


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