Samish Tribe Sues US Governement

During the 27 years that the Samish were refused federal recognition as a tribe by the US government, they were deprived basic human rights such as health care and housing assistance.

Outstanding Rating????

The legacy of Racial Redlining in low-income communities of color
Pt. 1

The Life

One woman’s journey through addiction, homelessness and recovery

The Corporate Bridge

PNN reporters discover that the Golden Gate Bridge is not a public entity, but rather a private business. $5.00 Toll hike opposed by Marin residents.

I knew I did nothing Wrong!!

A young woman of color is confronted with The unjust world of racial profiling

Disappearing Votes, Disappearing Communities

Electoral Fraud in San Francisco

One Strike Law or Jim Crow Law?

Served with a One strike eviction notice – one very low-income Sacramento resident faces homelessness.

Protests held at the Oakland Housing Authority and across the country

Human Removal aka Redevelopment

A special hearing on Redevelopment- Chris Daly proposes legislation to change how the Commission is formed

We can't lay down any longer

Town Hall Meeting demands an end to police brutality,
toxic poisoning and racism.


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