Al Robles Living Library Project


Ikaw ilog ng laya kasama sa kamatayan

Al Robles

Ang mabait kapatid na lalaki

Ang matalino kapatid na lalaki

Ang maganda kapatid na lalaki

Ode to the Life in a Library that Uncle Al is Giving to us all...

To the life in a library
and a library in the living

to the spirits of people kept from
left from
undone by never being sung

to the dreams and schemes
of mamas and daddys
who plant deep seeds
when they teach their children to read
while they struggle to find food to eat

to ritmo y congo
y ukelele and

these beats are swimming - in a library thats living
in a library that's alive
not dead

AL Robles Living Library Launch @ POOR Magazine for Black History Month- Photo gallery


From Left: Manang Maria Kingtan, Phil Chavez, and Tony Robles

From Left: Poet Laureate Jack Hirshman, Tony Robles and Maria Kingtan

POOR Press Author, Migrante Mama and Poverty Skolar Ingrid DeLeon

Its Gonna Be Okay... a poem for Manong Al Robles

itʼs gonna be okay

youʼre in our dreams now
like you were back in the day
easing through the troubles
sticking to us like barnacles on old ships
on the high and deepest seas.


okay now, itʼs gonna be okay
the whisper. the promise

you move through the dreams now
like golden wind through the gate
easing past the bridge you crossed
from marin to chinatown
over the scattered ashes of bob kaufman on the bay

Filipino American History Month

Who is to say the weeds Are not the roots?

Who is to say the roots Are not the weeds?


-–Poet Al Robles from the poem "Tagatac in Ifugao Mountain"



Heaven is in Manilatown

By Marlon Crump/PNN

Heaven's never hard to find
He found it the day he came
Though I knew you a short while
The legend of your strength, courage, and love stretches farther than the Nile
Heaven is now a Manila Town
The angels, elders, dearly departed, and even the birds of the air
wholeheartedly embrace you
Their arms were already open. awaiting the day that you would meet them
Heaven is now a Manila Town
The ethereal ray of light of your soul soaring through the sky can be seen by all of us...........even on the sunniest day


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