Have the Chickens come to roost in Arizona?

Have the Chickens come to roost in Arizona? 

I ask a friend what the phrase " The chickens have come to roost" cause i did not really know what it meant..

Answer, well when people used it in the political term, is usually means if your rooster was violent, the chickens would do the same.

First Class- Greetings/Primer Dia De Clase-Bienvenida

Tue, 01/25/2011 - 1:00am - 7:00am


1. Madness, Metaphors, and Mud In Yer Eyes, Oh My!

Reggie's Corner Rap - Invisibility

As the year winds down to the holiday season, I look forward to the compassion and cheer that I get from the people who don't forget vendors who work hard to sell Real Change paper. They show appreciation by giving gifts, holiday cards,and bigger tips. I am thankful for their action to help.

Somebody Else's Slave: Use of the "N" Word.

Picture credited from the book "Capitalist Nigger" by Chika Onyeani. It is featured online

Note: The following story I’ve written is not aimed as a direct attack on ANY specific race, whatsoever. It is people’s (including my own) experience, reflection, and especially survival from a word/weapon. Historically, it has destroyed human beings.

Who's the Mack?




Generational Culture Pimping: Hollywood and the Young Non-White Male’s Upbringing

Ronald McDonald House Poetry

Our Indigenous Peoples Media Coordinator Our Indigenous Peoples Media Coordinator, Mari V. went to Denver with a group called the Visionaries that is doing a community project with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Denver. She along with Marjorie Davis, and Louis Chapoose (White River Ute) held Art and Spoken Word workshops. The Spoken Word Workshops are based on POOR Magazine’s curriculum of the Slam Bio. The youth also recorded their poetry pieces and make a spoken word CD.

Slam Bios are short versions of a poet’s biography


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