A Youth Poverty Skolar on "Occupy"

Image by Carina Lomeli/PNN- From Left: welfareQUEEN's Queenandi and Vivian Thorp marching in the Poor Peoples Decolonization/Occupation.

Letter and 4th Draft of Revolutionary Party Platform Proposal

November 14, 2011    

My dear sisters and brothers,

In recognition of the fact that human beings are in reality one family or so-called 'race,' irrespective of our color, gender, and cultural differences, the 21st century calls for a creative, novel, and politically principled approach in the ongoing struggle for the attainment of real systemic change.

TOMORROW- Poor Peoples Decolonization ("Occupation") From Oakland to San Francisco

Thu, 11/10/2011 - 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Poor Peoples Decolonization (Occupation) From Oakland to San Francisco

Occupiers or Gentrifyers?

(photo: POOR Magazine family of skolaz with dignidadrebelde artistas Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza and their revolutionary work in the background)

What is Poverty Scholar?/¿Qué es un estudioso de la pobreza ?

Who is considered a great scholar? How is scholarship attained? How is greatness honored? And from what barometer do we assess this canon?

Peopleskool/ Escuela de La Gente BEGINS - Tuesday. October 4th @ 3pm!

Tue, 10/04/2011 - 3:02am - 8:30pm

PEopleSkool/Escuela De la gente Begins- 1st Day of Classes - Tuesday, October 4th


ALL classes held at POOR Magazine classrooms-

2940 16th st #301

San Francisco, Ca 94103

I hear voices, see faces, of people I killed- We-Search on the Military Industrial Complex



Editors Note: PNN's  WeSearch is people-led (rather than institution led)  research and media created by the people who are impacted by the issue we do the research on. in this series we focused on the Military Industrial Complex and its impact on young people in poverty across Amerikkka.


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