Living Pimp-Free: The Revolutionary Change Session 2012

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PNN-TV: PHONY2012: 21st Century Kkkolonizers Resisted

A Theatre of the Poor/PeopleSkool Produkshun.

The Scarcity Model of 21st century Akkkademia Part #1

Editors Note:Captain is a poverty, race and gender skolar in family with POOR Magazine/PoorNewsNetwork. She has entered Akkkademia to get the "paper" for her family and community because in our current system jobs and access to resources are tied to the institutional paper trail. This is the beginning of a series about her walk into this fire. 

Bilingual Education as it Relates to African Americans: The Ebonics Debate

March 13, 2012

Reprinted from the San Francisco Bay View (March 9, 2012)


Community Newsroom/Sala comunitaria @ POOR Magazine- January 2012

Community Newsroom/Sala Comunitaria in January 2012- Featured Juliana "jewels" Smith, creator of (H)afro-centric: the comic and Frederick Douglas Cloy- author, teacher and mestizaje revolutionary

Say Al--Is that you?

Say Al--is that you?

Someone's sprinklin' water & rose petals
on the baby buddha's birthday
& another millennium has passed
Say Al--is that you?


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