The Deserving Vs. Undeserving Dead (Children)

Deserving vs un-deserving Dead
All of the killings of all of our children must stop

Hope for Young Black Men: The Voices in Poverty Resist Series!

November 20th, 2012

When a child loses hope, I feel a whole lot of things are wrong. Young Black men start off in this America with a disadvantage. Dreams are not only deferred, they are often stolen, or seem unobtainable. I often struggle to find hope. But I usually do through my fellow brothers and sisters in the struggle.

Vote or Shut Up- a Po' Black Man's Voter's Guide

(Image of Ruyata Akio McGlothlin and Joseph Bolden(seated) at the Poor Peoples District 5 Candidate forum sponsored by POOR Magazine and the San Francisco Bay View Newspaper)


For Those in Poverty, City College a ‘Lifeline’

October 22, 2012

A Future for My Daughter

by Phillip Standing Bear

For many years I was under the assumption that college was out of reach for me. Once I got custody of my daughter, though, I had to figure something out.

Racism and Classism in Berkeley Streets & Schools: One Poverty Skola & SuperbabyDaddy's Story

[ Editors Note: Support Berkeley Homeless & Low Income Kids @ Upcoming School Board Meeting on October 24 @ 7.30 pm ]


Al Robles: A Treasure Not Lost

I remember you reciting your poem
while jazzy hands slapped
against an upright bass.
Your words perfumed with the scent
of sampaguita memories
and resonated the sounds of jeepneys
passing by San Francisco cable cars.
Stories that still warm the soul
like fresh pan de sal in the morning

That iconic beard and those glasses
you brought to life with your stunning presence.
This world painted and created
by the strokes of your poety;
communities built with the beat of your heart.


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