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Young Skolars Need Education

Young Skolars Need Education 

Essay By Amun-Ra Lewis 

They Flipped these skoolz for a little bread

By Youth PovertySkola Ziair Hughes

The closing of schools in East Oakland has quickly erupted and teachers and students are upset. “If I die, I want the district to know my death was at your hands,” said San-Chez. San-Chez is a teacher who is on a hunger strike, because schools are being closed for no reason exactly.

Fighting for Oakland Schools

Closing Schools

by Avery Sauce

What: Closing or merging 19 schools. “I’m supposed to be asleep right now but I’m here to fight for our schools,” said a fourth grader.

College in Covid…. A nightmare of access for Poor, Black/Brown/Indigenous,Houseless/ Disabled Students in the US

Deecolonize Academy Graduating Class of 2021 - From Left: Ziair, Tiburcio, Akil Amir and Kimo 



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