Po'Lice Abuse/PIC

New Orleans Police Violence Trial Begins

Did New Orleans media contribute to police violence after Hurricane Katrina?

by Jordan Flaherty

The Real Truth: John T. Williams

Editor's note: this story is written in response to the murder of indigenous elder John T. Williams by Seattle po'lice officer Ian Birk in Seattle, Washington on Aug. 30, 2010; the go-f-yerself response from Mayor McGinn and the City of Seattle; and the spit-in-your face final payoff of the Williams family. The chapter is NOT closed.

PNN Washington: who are we?

We are a raucous group of Community Keepers, Media Truth Bringers, Vigilant Resisters of Truth-Decapitators and Unravelers of Media Mummies...and we're here to set the record straight.

Transition of a Soldier / geronimo ji jaga

Transition of a Soldier / geronimo ji jaga

From Marina Drummer

A3 Newsletter

International Campaign to Free the Angola 3


Transition of a Soldier


Hunters Point is Home! – Standing Up for Ours Tours Are Launched in Hunters Point

Young African Descendent Filmmaker and visionary launches a tour to listen and support young people of color across the Bay


"llamare a la policia" S-COMM Apoya el robo de salarios/ I'll Call the Cops-S-COMM Supports Wage Theft


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En el nombre de la seguridad de la comunidad se quiere aplicar una nueva ley que afecta a la comunidad inmigrante en Estados Unidos, pues si un inmigrante es arrestado por cualquier causa la policia comparte la informacion de la persona detenida con ICE que actua rapidamente y deporta a la persona detenida.


The PoLice Cover-Up of the Murder of Aiyana Jones,7, of Detroit


Crazy to Criminalize

WRAP (Western Regional Advocacy Project) has been documenting the increases of mentally ill people in local jails as a result of diminished funding for mental health treatment and housing, escalation of “nuisance crime” enforcement by police and private security, and expansion of mental health courts.

Tomorrow: Standing Up for Ours Tours Launch!!! - Healing our Communites one 'Hood at a time

Thu, 05/19/2011 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Healing our Communities, Families and Children one 'hood at a time

Young man of color resists neighborhood violence and poverty to share message of peace, healing and self-protection with poor communities of color in California.


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