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Labor Black n Brown @ Community Newsroom /March 2012

Labor Black N Brown @ Community Newsroom @ POOR Magazine, March 2012

SPECIAL GUEST POST: Class Antagonisms Inside the Fundamental Contradiction of National Oppression


April 10, 2012

Having just passed the 19th, & quickly approaching the 20th, anniversary of the L.A. Rebellion, We should be reminded here of what Rodney King whimpered as he stood in front of a bank of microphones surrounded by class enemies & neo-colonial politicians.















Emergency Scream-Out for Trayvon & Ramarley - cuz sometimes speaking Out is just not enough

"How many of you like skittles and iced tea?", Rudy Corpus called out to a beautiful group of children and adults of all colors, generations and sizes who were part of a crowd of over 100 people stood together on the steps of the plantation (Po' Lice Dept) @ 850 Bryant st

Trayvon is my son

For Trayvon, Ramarley, Oscar and Kenneth Harding and all of their mamaz


Trayvon is my son

and my brother and my uncle

and my coz-zin

and that aint no riddle

ABOLITION IS THE KEY TO THE NEW JUSTICE SYSTEM: A Report on Today's Prisons and Jails, Part 1

December 9, 2010

Everyone knows the U.S. has the highest rate of incarceration in the world, higher than China’s with 4 – 5 times our population, and it continues to spiral. One in 100 adults is locked up in this police state (now totaling 2.4 million), while 1 in 31 is under some other form of penal control (over 7 million).

Few people in America, especially the underfunded, don’t have a friend, relative, classmate or colleague in prison. We also know that most prisoners are there for non-violent, often drug related issues. Yet we keep silent.

SLAVERY ON THE NEW PLANTATION: A Report on Today's Prisons & Jails, Part 2

March 13. 2012


"Slavery 400 years ago, slavery today. It's the same, but with a new name. They're practicing slavery under color of law." (Ruchell Cinque Magee)

Four Powerful Poems from Occupy4Prisoners Day of Action

March 13, 2012

All material Copyright Devorah Major

"Emergency Alert and
the Republic For Which It Stands"

security alert
threat level red
flashing red
siren red
dripping blood red
hot exploding blazing red

the threat has never been higher

since we became a republic
of the meek
the complacent
the afraid
the corrupt
and the greedy


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