Po'Lice Abuse/PIC

PNN-TV: Mamas Resist Po'Lice Brutality From Daly City to New York City

Mamaz Yolanda Banks and Sala Haquekyah Chandler speak in POOR Magazine's Community Newsroom about the Po'Lice Abuse of Ms. Banks son by Po'Lice in Daly City

PNN-TV: Kkkleaning up "The City"

(PNN-TV: PNN Panhandler Correspondent re-ports at POOR Magazine's Community Newsroom - May 2012)

(Photo: Ro Seidelman/PNN)


kkkleaning up "The City"

Labor Black n Brown @ Community Newsroom /March 2012

Labor Black N Brown @ Community Newsroom @ POOR Magazine, March 2012

SPECIAL GUEST POST: Class Antagonisms Inside the Fundamental Contradiction of National Oppression


April 10, 2012

Having just passed the 19th, & quickly approaching the 20th, anniversary of the L.A. Rebellion, We should be reminded here of what Rodney King whimpered as he stood in front of a bank of microphones surrounded by class enemies & neo-colonial politicians.















Emergency Scream-Out for Trayvon & Ramarley - cuz sometimes speaking Out is just not enough

"How many of you like skittles and iced tea?", Rudy Corpus called out to a beautiful group of children and adults of all colors, generations and sizes who were part of a crowd of over 100 people stood together on the steps of the plantation (Po' Lice Dept) @ 850 Bryant st

Trayvon is my son

For Trayvon, Ramarley, Oscar and Kenneth Harding and all of their mamaz


Trayvon is my son

and my brother and my uncle

and my coz-zin

and that aint no riddle


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