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San Francisco County Jail Cookbook #6?

March 25, 2014

With the news of 6 SFPD Officers being indicted by federal prosecuters, the $50,000 question is: Are things back to normal in SF, or will more people than ever be arrested for alleged marijuana offenses, or have they had their fill?

I've been arrested more times than anyone since “Brownie Mary” in 20 years.

AB 109 Explained From the Real Front Lines

Here's a look at AB 109 from the real front line.

AB 109 is a law signed by Gov. Brown in 2011, ushering in "realignment" of the prison system. Under the law, responsibility for incarcerating people convicted of certain non-violent felonies has been shifted from the state to the county level. People imprisoned in county jails under the law are meant to be there for short(er) periods of time while they get efficiently "rehabilitated." The law was apparently passed to combat recidivism, though it is also a stop-gap against overflowing prisons.

Racist Cops in Yolo 2014

Let me get one thing absolutely clear from the gate. I am NOT in the
habit of pulling the race(ist) card without being 100% certain of my

My Ghost Will Haunt This Place Forever

Until the bulldozer scrapes the landscape of this plantation,
I'll remain.
My phantasm in residence
Long after my body is unchained.

Strange to think I ever see
That day from where I'm sitting now.

But that's the illusion they want me to believe in--
That I'm never getting out.

I know better at some level
That I consciously keep submerged and hidden.
Lest the overseer see it in my eye,
And decide to kick my shit in.

A letter to the World With Chaos and Madness

March 12, 2014

A letter to the world with chaos and madness—
You have isolated me with loneliness and sadness.
You say to me

'I punish you with “Eternity”
Now I walk away and throw away the key.

For you, Freedom there will never be.
I'll isolate your mind
Tear down your body and spirit...
Ultimately robbing you of your identity

Open Letter to the DOJ about Police Brutality

February 12, 2014

State of California, Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

To Attorney General Kamala D. Harris:

The New Greaser Laws

Editors Note: Jose is one of several power-FUL PNN Plantation prison correspondents who was involved in the Hunger Strike to end all solitary confinement and the in-human treatment of all of our incarcerated brothers and sisters.


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