Po'Lice Abuse/PIC

Grand Jury WUT- Did Someone Say Grand Dragon of amerikkk? - a Po Poets Project Statement With Ferguson

(Image by Lara Kiswani of 580 Freeway Shut Down for Mike Brown)
Grand Jury WUT? Did Someone Say Grand Dragon of the ameriKKK?

Ferguson and the 7 "F's

1) As we chant to F#@*k the Po'Lice can we also commit to NOT (F)phoning the Po'Lice

2) As we begin "Filming the Po'Lice can we also work on Firing the Po'Lice.

PNN-TV: Denika Chatman from Kenny Harding Jr Foundation on Deep East TV

PNN-TV; Denika Chatman from Kenny Harding Jr Foundation speaks/teaches at Street Newsroom on Deep East TV to Youth Skolaz at Deecolonize Academy

How to (Maybe) Survive and Encouter With Law Enforcement Even If You're Black Brown or Disabled!

October 2014

Since September 11, 2001, there have been numerous incidents involving law enforcement severely injuring or killing civilians. The vast majority of these victims have been black, brown or disabled.

The majority of the officers have been white.

Most recently the incident that has made national headlines regarding this sort of incident involved unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Hand's Up! Don't Shoot! In Palestine, Ferguson, and Iraq

August 12, 2014

Just as negotiations broke down Friday and the second ceasefire allegedly ended because Hamas fired rockets into Israel, 18 year old Michael Brown was gunned down by Ferguson Missouri police while visiting his grandmother.

POOR Mamaz, Daddys, Daughters & Suns Stand with Ferguson, LA, Oakland and Palestine and all peoples in resistance to the Po'Lice/Military Terror that continues to murder, attack and terrorize our bodies of color in Amerikkka

POOR Magazine landless families of color struggling to survive through the violence of poverty, racism, criminalization, po'Lice terror, false borders, and militarization want to publicly declare the following:


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