Po'Lice Abuse/PIC

L's Up- Guns Down-Mamaz Resist Gun Violence From Oakland to Frisco

13 year old Lee Weathersby was the first homicide victim in the city of Oakland of 2014.

He was shot and killed on his way home from visiting a friend's home. Three weeks later, his older brother, Lamar Broussard and his best friend were also shot and killed, making the two young brothers homicides 4th and 5th.

They are going to murder an innocent man!

“They Are Going to Murder An INNOCENT Man! Does Anyone Care,?” When revolutionary organizer Gerald Smith reported to POOR Magazine’s Community Newsroom on the scheduled state sponsored murder of Rodney Reed in Texas I was brought back to another day of state sponsored murder in 2011. I was standing in a welfare line to get my food stamp re-evaluation on September 21st when the amerkkklan state of Georgia was about to murder, Troy Davis, another African descended man who, like Rodney Reed, received no justice in the kkkourts and a death penalty state was going ahead with his murder.

You Are My Brother- Why Would You Hit Me? /RYME Youth Skolaz MArch & Re-port Against PoLice Terror

“What is it about your uniform that you find more value in a barricade, which is a piece of iron then you do in my life?” Tyrese a young student that was protesting in Berkeley said.

Tyrese got hit with a baton by an African American officer when he supposedly touched the barricade. Tyrese defended himself saying that he did not touch it because he was holding up a sign.

#FreeOakland- Youth Skolaz March, Re-port & Die-in Against Po'Lice Terror

High School Students March Against Police Brutality

By Ana Lapota/PoorNewsNetwork RYME Youth Skola at Deecolonize Academy


Marching Against Po'Lice Terror- /RYME Youth Skolaz March and Re-port


“No justice no peace no racist police!” Said the student protesters at Fruitvale Bart Station in Oakland.

Shut it Down for Black and Brown- Youth Skolaz March & Report Against Po'Lice Terror #3


The sound resonated off the pavement like drums in perfect harmony. Boom! boom! The protest was coming. And it was huge.


OPD Shut Down- Revolutionary Youth Skolaz March and Re-port

 The Oakland Police Department Shutdown

December 15th, 2014  the Oakland police department (OPD)shutdown for four hours and twenty minutes.
The people who organized it, were from multiple different anti-police-brutality groups like

If Mike Brown Don't Get It- Revolutionary Youth Skolaz March Against Po'Lice Brutality #1

Shutting Down the OPD

By Kimo/PNN-RYME Youth Skola, 11years old

I was yelling my voice out. My voice hurt. My head hurt .I lost my voice while saying, “I don't see no riot here, why are you in riot gear?”


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