Thinking about Olmstead

(Editor's note--This article is reprinted from "Long Term Care News and Views", published by Planning for Elders in the Central City, Volume 17, Issue 2, February 2012)


Why Am I Trying to Kill Myself-? One Poverty Skolar's Struggle with Life and Depression

I came home, got a letter from my cousin. The letter said that he opened his second million dollar restaurant.
I looked around at my small studio apartment, dirty due to my hoarding/cluttering disease, figuring that I am just as
smart as my cousin. So I figured out a way to commit suicide by laying on my back in the bathtub, let the water cover
my eyes, nose, and mouth, and keep the water running. As I was slowly going into slumber... My neighbor downstairs

Court Hearing on IHSS 20% cut set for January 19th

Where: Northern District Court of California

When: 2:00pm

#204-2011: Federal district court hearing on 20% IHSS cut set for Jan 19, 2012

Temporary restraining order blocking cut remains in force until at least the hearing date on January 19, 2012.

Borders Kills Babies: The Karla Story

December 7, 2011

"Sometimes I feel like,
Poor people, when they get ill,
We're destined to die."

Noviembre del año 1986

1 Deciembre, 2011/ December 1, 2011

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Empesaba el mes de Noviembre del año 1986.

Letter and 4th Draft of Revolutionary Party Platform Proposal

November 14, 2011    

My dear sisters and brothers,

In recognition of the fact that human beings are in reality one family or so-called 'race,' irrespective of our color, gender, and cultural differences, the 21st century calls for a creative, novel, and politically principled approach in the ongoing struggle for the attainment of real systemic change.

TOMORROW- Poor Peoples Decolonization ("Occupation") From Oakland to San Francisco

Poor Peoples Decolonization (Occupation) From Oakland to San Francisco


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