Women’s Healing Clinic 2013

Women's Healing Clinic 2013
Friday & Saturday- November 8-9, 2013
FREE * First Come First Serve Sessions 
* 10am -5pm Humanist Hall, 390 27th Street, Oakland

Would You?


PNN-TV: Cooking Our Cultures- Youth SKolaz Summer 2013 pt#1

Cooking Our Cultures 2013 is a a multi-generational, multi-cultural project led by youth & elders to decolonize their diets back to the food of their indigenous ancestors so they can help their families and communities move of the corporate poison and GMO's made so readily available to poor and indigenous communities across the US

THIS WKND:Healing the (Neighbor)Hood @ Homefulness Inter-Dependence Day Weekend/Sanando el Barrio/Vecindario @ Homefulness Fin de Semana de Inter-dependencia

***Healing the (Neighbor)Hood @ Homefulness
Inter-Dependence Day Weekend***

Where: Homefulness- 8032 MacArthur Bl East Oakland
When: Day 1) Saturday, July 6th 11-4p

FOOD FIGHT - Saving Kids From Processed Junk With a Poem by PNN Youth SKola Kimo

The government poisoning us with junk

By Kimo. 10 years old


            Eating and eating what people should eat is nourishing  vegetables and fruits

            To keep us healthy another  thing is different corporations and people around the world

Fundraiser- Show and Dancy Party for Jacque Barnes


1901 San Pablo Ave @ Hearst, Berkeley CA

$15-$20/Catered food for sale

Doors open at 6pm Show 7-10pm Party 10-12am


From Sanity to Insanity

Is it humanly possible to lose touch with reality in a split second or does it happen over a period of time?

San Francisco, California is a city all to itself sitting out on a peninsula, made up of districts. Chinatown/North Beach districts is where my story begins.


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