Hipster M.D.

Somebody please help me hipsters have taken over my doctor’s office! Back in August of this year I got a letter from my medical practitioner stating that she had been laid off as the result of an executive decision.This troubled me greatly because she had been my personal care provider for many years very close to ten in fact. This decision of course did not take in consideration the impact this would have on individual patients, and certainly not her!

The Worst Ambulance Trip Ever

I asked my wife Kathy Galves, “What happened when King Ambulance took me away?” This is her response:

"When the ambulance attendant asked Bruce what hospital did he want to go to, he said "Saint Francis."

Before they took Bruce away, they asked me, "Were you coming with him?"

From EBT to EBOLA - Amerikkkan Scarcity Models Kill

From racist stereotypes to doctor errors, wite science/big pharma "cures", a so-called Homeless man on the loose in Dallas who "might" have Ebola and now the revelation of poor immigrants of color HELLthcare being one of the factors in Thomas Eric Duncan's death, I am reminded, as i often am, that Amerikkkan scarcity models kill. .

Lurking GMOs

Do you frequent the farmer's market or shop organic produce thinking you are GMO-free?

You could be dead wrong. GMO's could be lurking where you least expect them!

My personal experience at the farmer's market recently made me suspect just this!

I bought an avocado and a bag of tomatoes thinking I was getting a good deal and fresh produce.

But what can you say about tomatoes that sit in a plastic bag in one spot for a week and show no signs of decay?

How about the fact that there was no juice when it was cut open?

Health Care for Everybody

Aug 7, 2014

Imagine leaving the hospital after seeing the doctor, and the only thing you have to worry about is, "Do I have food in the refrigerator?" Your hospital care is all taken care of by the government, no matter what it was. Your doctor is paid for and their services are not costing you a dime.
This is not a dream. Ninety percent of the world has this system. All industrial countries have this except for the United States of America. In its place, they have the brutality better known as insurance companies.

Animals Are Healing

Aug 5, 2014

PeopleSkool has made me feel independent and heard, by writing about things that matter to me and other people at POOR Magazine. In POOR Community Newsroom at the beginning of July, I expressed my trauma from the medical treatment of my cat.

Open Letter to the DOJ about Police Brutality

February 12, 2014

State of California, Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris
Attn: Public Inquiry Unit
P.O. Box 944255
Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

To Attorney General Kamala D. Harris:


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