Look At What The Corporate Media Didn't Show You: Thousands of Americans protest the corporate media supported war

Joseph Laqua Youth in the Media Intern and Tiny/PNN
Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Faces….. "This war is not now nor has ever been in our name"
Flow like rivers into Downtown Frisco, LA, Washington and NYC …..
thump..boom taca boom thump…. drum beats for peace in each and every cit-eee

"red paint smeared on unclothed protestors "
this is how war looks like
their faux blood says
And I breathe in resistance…
For I know now it is not only me

Exhaling for one moment
as I am surrounded by the possibility that everyone is not now nor has ever been ok

Bukowski, Me and R.O.T.C

A Proposition V Tale

After Bush/Obama Times Pt. 1

The long Nightmare nearly done.

Next Admin,much work yet more fun.

Let loose Peace,Applied Science and...

safely bring real wonders we dare dream,make real and true.

What do we want... PEACE!

Hundreds of families and community members march in Sunnydale for peace and an end to violence locally and globally


The New York Times vs. Lynne Stewart and other losses of our collective Freedom

Civil Rights or Satellite Rights ?

Homeland Security/Patriot Act civil rights abuses in full effect in San Francisco

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PNN editors receive letter from The Green Party Vice-Presidential Candidate and try to Give her some Skolarship


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