Indigenous Resistance

Saw Dennis Banks and Traveled to Rachel's Basic Transformational Leadership Training in Denver!

On March 2, 2010, we traveled up north to go to Rachel's basic transformational leadership training in Denver. Laughed alot, cracked jokes, and talked about being the source of transformation. We saw lots of mountains, and ate gas station food. We sang round dances songs all the way up there.

Earlier that day, we went to the Durango Film Festival where Dennis Banks was showing his film, "A Good Day to Die." Mari was able to ask him a question. Check the video to see our footage.

Traveling to the Four Corners

On March 2, 2011 Rachel and I traveled to the Four Corners. On the way we passed by the Sleeping Ute Mountain, where the chief is still sleeping. We received a guided tour by Dexter at the Ute Mountain Ute Pottery Factory where we learned about pottery and bought gifts for loved ones. We then headed to the four corners where i discovered the frybread stand was closed.

Ute Mountain Ute pottery factory tour

We loved the Ute Mountain Ute Pottery Factory so much that we had to do a special piece just for this...

Dexter showed us around the factory and how the Ute Mountain Utes do the pottery from start to finish. They have many molds for pottery, and a favorite part of our when a woman was explaining what the symbols on the pottery.

Needless to say we bought some pottery for loved ones and some Indian Country Maps for our Indigenous Peoples Highway!

Bill Miller Concert


Rachel, My roommate Della and I all went to Fort Lewis College for a Free Bill Miller Concert. He is an amazing musician that also shared many stories with us. My favorite story was when he talked about how his polish friend and his dad shared an intimate moment by expressing love with a father/son kiss. 


Indigenous Peoples Highway!!!


It was late at night on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation, there were two girls who need to fall asleep and rest up for their road trip, but couldn’t stop giggling and laughing about the most random things. All of the sudden Rachel looked at Mari and said, “OMG! Indigenous Peoples Media Project should become Pow-wow Highway!”

Survival Radio

“Mama, will I ever see you again? Whispered by a child in the hills of San Marcos, Guatemala


“Without child care we won’t be able to keep our jobs,” spoken by a mama of three struggling to support her children in Oakland


“We don’t work with Indians,” yelled at an indigenous elder in San Francisco by San Francisco Housing Authority worker



I apologize for the little action time we have with this issue. I just found out about it last night. This Bill was just presented this week and it is already on the agenda for this coming Monday! They are attempting to sweep this Bill through before we knew what was happening.

This Bill would be devastating to the Protect Bear Butte efforts and allowing us to continue to oppose liquor license renewals for locations encroaching upon Bear Butte.

Obama: Return the Uncompahgre lands to the Ute Indian Tribe


Over one hundred years has passed from the time that ten infantry and cavalry companies with 200 rounds of ammunition each, and three days of cooked rations, under the command of Mackenzie, were standing ready. To the Uncompahgre Nation he said “If you have not moved by nine o’clock tomorrow morning I will be at your camp and make you move”

I Round Dance


I dance to the beat of the drummers.

I hear the heartbeat, I follow stepping to the beat side to side.

I hold hands with old friends, forever friends, lost friends, found friends, and new friends.

I round dance.

I round dance, the sun has set, I dance deep in to the start lit night.

I round dance.

I listen to the singers voices, the ancient voices and new.

I hear the heartbeat of the singers hand drums.

I round dance.


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