Indigenous Resistance

PNN-TV/PNN-Toronto Speaks wit R3 Collective

PNN-TV/PNN-Toronto speaks with R3 Collective- indigenous resistance, culture, performance and art from Toronto. Check out their medicine.

If it weren't for Tribal Sovereignty... how self-determination protects Indigenous women

If it weren’t for tribal sovereignty, I most likely would be dead. Literally. I lived on a reservation, and was attacked by a former partner of mines. I was attacked several times during the course of our rollercoaster relationship. I even suffered physical injures that still affect me today.

Healing Greens - the Pachamama (Poor Peoples-led) Garden @ Homefulness is Born

When landless, indigenous, concrete jungle survivor, trauma-filled, broken yet angry and active, Po' peoples of color revolutionaries grow a garden, it takes a special recipe.....

-Begin wit some healing greens-

-fourteen cups of tears from loss and pain and sorrow and borders and eviction and profiling and incarceration,

-some fresh cilantro,

-four quarts of youth warrior love, some carrots,

“DETOURED My Journey from Darkness to Light “ A memoir by Jesse De La Cruz- a ReViEws4theReVoLuTion Book review

“DETOURED My Journey from Darkness to Light “

A memoir by Jesse De La Cruz - a ReView4theRevolution Book Review


Occupy Was Never 4 Me- (1 Yr Later)


I am the .000 25- the smallest number  u can think of in yer mind-

Didn’t even make it to the 99-

Carving a Life

(Author's note: My father, James Robles on the left, my brother Asian Robles on the right--with my sister Jade and step mother Tai)


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