Indigenous Resistance

Al Robles: A Treasure Not Lost

I remember you reciting your poem
while jazzy hands slapped
against an upright bass.
Your words perfumed with the scent
of sampaguita memories
and resonated the sounds of jeepneys
passing by San Francisco cable cars.
Stories that still warm the soul
like fresh pan de sal in the morning

That iconic beard and those glasses
you brought to life with your stunning presence.
This world painted and created
by the strokes of your poety;
communities built with the beat of your heart.

PNN-TV/PNN-Toronto Speaks wit R3 Collective

PNN-TV/PNN-Toronto speaks with R3 Collective- indigenous resistance, culture, performance and art from Toronto. Check out their medicine.

If it weren't for Tribal Sovereignty... how self-determination protects Indigenous women

If it weren’t for tribal sovereignty, I most likely would be dead. Literally. I lived on a reservation, and was attacked by a former partner of mines. I was attacked several times during the course of our rollercoaster relationship. I even suffered physical injures that still affect me today.

Healing Greens - the Pachamama (Poor Peoples-led) Garden @ Homefulness is Born

When landless, indigenous, concrete jungle survivor, trauma-filled, broken yet angry and active, Po' peoples of color revolutionaries grow a garden, it takes a special recipe.....

-Begin wit some healing greens-

-fourteen cups of tears from loss and pain and sorrow and borders and eviction and profiling and incarceration,

-some fresh cilantro,

-four quarts of youth warrior love, some carrots,

“DETOURED My Journey from Darkness to Light “ A memoir by Jesse De La Cruz- a ReViEws4theReVoLuTion Book review

“DETOURED My Journey from Darkness to Light “

A memoir by Jesse De La Cruz - a ReView4theRevolution Book Review


Occupy Was Never 4 Me- (1 Yr Later)


I am the .000 25- the smallest number  u can think of in yer mind-

Didn’t even make it to the 99-


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