Waiting for Years to Get a Home!!

Elders protest for NIMBYISM to stop and an affordable senior housing project to be built. Unanimous yes vote reached!!!

Justice Kept Waiting

Illegal SRO Conversion Hearing Delayed By Disinterested Commissioner

The Proper Systems Model

SF Redevelopment Commission Grinds Rebuilding of the
Plaza Hotel to a Halt

For Rent: One Stretch of Concrete

Tenants and advocates protest a new proposal that would remove one of the few protections that exist for tenants in Oakland

I can't do no movin' or packin'

Tenant Advocates protest the attempted eviction of an 84 year old disabled elder

We all have The right to a Roof!!

Housing Reality Tour Promotes Affordable Housing
Bill, Takes Action In Vacant 6th Street Building.

Take These Empty Streets

The Fantasy Behind the Mid-Market PAC- (Lost Between the Lines Pt 2)

Lost Between the Lines

The Mid-Market Project Area Committee holds a “community meeting” on Housing

“This is just the beginning…” (West Oakland Gentrification)

Residents, artists and community organizers gather to Clean the Air of West Oakland

The "Mess" Talks Back

Turd-Filled Donut zine at Artists Television Access
turns tables on the SFPD, the SF Examiner and the
so-called “Mess on Market Street”.


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