the new mission

being in the mission is becoming

like a benetton ad or like living

in disneyland—no longer a place

of everyday people knowing the

the hardness of daily life and yet

creating joy and beauty

out of a myriad of struggles


instead of theater, poetry, dance, music and art

expressing the aliveness of many cultures

indoor miniature golf and outdoor bowling

are the new cultural wave and bars with

twelve dollar cocktails are ongoing frat parties

compassion or cocktails

walking down valencia, i see

a woman in a wheelchair

we share hellos and i give

her a buck as i wonder

what her story is—she was

just evicted from her home

or maybe her lover beats her

imagining her hunger and

pain i feel compassion for her

and know i’m the lucky one

because i have a dollar to spare


as i leave to walk on, two young

women well dressed and coifed

pass by—and they too must have

a story—maybe one of them has

The Truth Behind Library Gardens

As someone who once lived in substandard constructed Section-8 project-based housing in Berkeley, California for six years, I can assure you that all so-called ‘affordable housing’ built and/or refurbished with HUD (U.S. Government Housing for Urban Development) funding for low-income communities was built with many corners being cut in order to meet the limited financial budget of the HUD funding building subsidy.

Airbnb; Local Takeover

On July 14, 2015 we went to San Francisco City Hall to attend the Board of Supervisors meeting and vote on the legislation discussing the revisions of the short term rent ordinances and the number of allowable days a short term renter can rent for.

Airbnb; National Takeover

    On July 14th, we went to San Francisco for a government voting on revisions to the city's short term rental ordinance, and the number of allowable days. “Overall impact on San Francisco is negative” said David Campos and with good reason. Just like this is happening in San Francisco it is also occurring across state.

Dying from Climate Change While Poor

Dying from Heat While Poor
From India to Arizona poor people are dying from climate change and the lie of independence
By tiny, Daughter of Dee/PoorNewsNetwork

The Power of a Community

We attended a celebration today on July 7, 2015 in San Francisco at 521 Natoma. They were celebrating their victory of their fight to make sure that the families living there doesn't lose there home. “Our goal is to celebrate victory for the families being stabilized ,” said Rudy Corpus from the United Playaz organization.

A Communities Victory

A Communities Victory

By: Heidy



PNN-TV; War on the Poor Resistors at the US Social Forum 2015 San Jose

PNN-TV: US Social Forum San Jose2015: War ON the Poor Resistor Anthony King. Organizer with CHAM and other power-FUL groups fighting anti-poor people-laws and for tenants rights in the middle of Silicon Valley, San Jose, Northern CalifAztlan.

Anthony King, a revolutionary poverty skola speaks with PNN-TV on the recent attack by Po'Lice and poltricksters of a houseless peoples encampment called "The Jungle" and the situation for poverty skolaz in Silicon Valley


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