Global Poverty and Resistance

Another world or another mistake? POOR Magazine & the US Social Forum, Part 3

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia
Monday, July 9, 2007

P. O.O.R. Scholaz til we die,
The Revolution begins with I!

The morning air in the Tenderloin was sharp. Small hidden daggers were embedded in the 9:00 am breeze. Micro-business people were trading products, elders and youth of color were convening and poverty survivors were consuming and acquiring different forms of substances to get through another day in Amerikkka.

A new and unsettling force: Poverty Scholars from across the globe come together to re-ignite the revolution of Dr. Martin Luth

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, PoorNewsNetwork poverty scholar
Thursday, August 13, 2009

"There are millions of poor people in this country who have very little, or even nothing, to lose, if they can be helped to take action together, they will do so with a freedom and a power that will be a new and unsettling force in our complacent national life" Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A Deadly Proposal: Alameda County proposes to cut poor, unemployed workers off of aid for six months of each year.

Cullette X and Tiny/PoorNewsNetwork
Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have lived in Oakland my whole life. I have lived in poverty for most of my life. I have worked since as far back as I can remember.

My story isn't strange or different. I am like many poor people in the US. People you rarely hear from. Rarely consider. Hardly see. This could why the County of Alameda is quietly considering a proposal to cut off the meager General Assistance (GA) benefits given to unemployed workers which will make our already difficult lives even more difficult and eventually will kill us.

A Barbeque in resistance: Several hundred poor folks peacefully resist the lies of Care Not Cash

Tiny and Joseph Bolden
Friday, June 4, 2004

Over 200 poor people, mostly Black, redlined out of property and business ownership, shot at, harassed and profiled by cops and private security, homeless due to illegal evictions, condo conversions, demolitions, redevelopment and wide-spread gentrification, denied jobs, drug treatment, and mental health services stood together in San Francisco city hall plaza--the first gathering of an all out class war? No. Just a peaceful barbeque.

(SWP) Sitting While Poor: The people resist further criminalization of poor peoples of the Sit-Lie Laws

Ruyata Akio McGlothlin & tiny/PNN
Monday, March 1, 2010;

The War on the poor is in full effect
but now the soldiers are social workers,
po'lice and politicians
creating deadly legislations
and contracts...tiny 2006

"Harvey Milk fought the first sit/lie laws in the 1960's, " Tommi Avicolli-Mecca spoke to the crowd that gathered in front of City Hall on Monday to resist the newest institutional hate of houseless people to hit California, the Sit -lie ordinance.

$6.75 No Es Suficiente !!/$6.75 is Not Enough!!: A living wage campaign to raise the minimum wage to 8.50 per hour is launched

Tuesday, July 15, 2003;

"For generations the owning class has been stealing from poor people, paying us wages that don’t afford rent, food, child care and healthcare..." A cool San Francisco breeze blew words around like leaves.

The BAD A$$ MARCH! Resistance To San Francisco Budget Cuts

Bruce Allison
Thursday, May 7, 2009

The banner said: "THE BAD A$$ MARCH". It went to the front, along with the token politicians who should have brought up the rear.

May 16th at 5:25pm, members of SCIU 1021 were taking names as people from SCIU, Senior Action Network, Planning for Elders, Gray Panthers, Tenderloin Housing Clinic, and a community of others, including Access of Love Youth Program, were about to march against the mayor's 70% budget cuts that will cripple public health for the future.


Thornton Kimes/PNN
Thursday, March 26, 2009


This a To-Do List and more thoughts on the “Who’s Budget? Our Budget!” Battle of San Francisco. This is my rant and rave about the San Francisco version of the Culture War, one or two of the ways it is fought here.

Whose Budget?? Our Budget!!! A Town Hall is organized to respond to the Insane budget cuts that are posed to dismantle services

Thornton Kimes/PNN
Monday, March 9, 2009

“The city! The city belongs to us!
We don’t need more budget cuts!”
--Dee Allen protest chant

The GA/PAES (San Francisco welfare) worker said, “We can talk to everyone about you except the Unemployment people. That’s your responsibility.” I felt like a tennis ball, bounced from a desk in one building to one in another with a phone on it—and the Unemployment voice on the other end of the line asked questions from I don’t know how far away.

Stimulating What? The Stimulus Plan Comes to San Francisco

Bruce Allison and Thornton Kimes
Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now that the Stimulus package (Federal Medical Assistance Percentages) has reached San Francisco, the 50%-on-the-dollar that comes back from the Federal government for Medi-Cal, MediCare and all other gov’t funding was raised to 75%. San Francisco got $100 million extra from that. Only 2 City Departments are using it to cover losses incurred by the budget deficit.


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