Global Poverty and Resistance

Life is Unpredictable

by AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


Akkkademic Reparations* on Stolen Land

by Maya Ram


*All the language in this article challenging linguistic domination is brought to you by Lisa “Tiny” Gray-Garcia & POOR Magazine...check out Poverty Scholarship at for more on linguistic domination


Change Won't Come from a Savior, a Pimp or an Institution...

Poor/houseless/indigenous youth, families, and elders share models of landless peoples' self-determination, Po'Lice-free land liberation, revolutionary media, and art.

What: Poor/houseless/indigenous peoples "tour" Turtle Island with medicine of Homefulness, media, poetry, workshops, books, and "How to Not Call Po'Lice Ever"/"Poverty Scholarship" readings

When: June 5th-13th 

The Unspeakable

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

The unspeakable there's an elephant in the room we all see it they can even smell it...

Ode to George Floyd- a poverty skola in amerikkklan (wit a message for abolitionists everywhere

There are so many moments in that murderous day 

Has this poverty skola mama feeling all types of ways

From White Tiger to NomadLAnd- Poverty Stories About us Without Us Poor Peoples A PovertySkolaz Movie Review

Mural created by poor and houseless artists at POOR Magazine which was painted over to make way for flashier, more “impactful” mural done by middle-class trust fund artists in SF

Real Poverty and the Kolonial Myth of the Global South

“It must be hard for people where you come from in this Pandemic” a wite woman neighbor spoke to my South Asian Friend the other day in that usual way “nice” wite people rudely  “offer” their arrogant colonial opinions like they are teaching you something, even though noone asked for them.


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