The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute

The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute
at POOR Magazine

The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute at POOR Magazine offers a comprehensive curricula of media, arts and social justice for youth, adults and elders in The Bay Area

All of our programs are focused on teaching non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, multi-media and art with the goals of creating access for unheard voices, preserving and de-gentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty,homelessness, disability and race in the US as well as creating short and long-term social change and racial justice.

Our three main tracks are;
The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Seminar and Internships Extremely innovative, non-colonizing media, journalism and organizing training for college students and professionals in media, multi-media, social justice and media organizing
Digital Resistance #101 -104 Journalism, writing basics for print, on-line, radio, TV production, publishing, multi-media and book publication for communities of color struggling with poverty
Voces de Immigrantes en Resistencia: Media and Multi-media training for mono-lingual youth, adults and elders in print, on-line, radio and TV journalism as well as media organizing training.

Escuela De La Gente 2010 Horario el Semestre de Invierno- Oprime aqui para ver Horario completo**

  • Escuela De La Gente  En Racismo. Pobreza, Instituto de Justicia en los Medios


    2011  Invierno Horario De Clases**

    Orientacion/Registracion Martes, Jenero 25th @ 5pm

    Todas las clases se inician  Martes, Febero 1

    Rejistracion Tarde: 1er dia de clase

  • Matrícula en una escala móvil –Becas disponibles en Skolaz el Pobre 'Fondo.

Sins Invalid of The Bay Area Turns 5: Annual postpone until early 2011 April


Sins Invalid's Annual show Postpone until April 2011

Dear Friend/Colleague/Allied Supporter of Sins Invalid,

Recently, key leadership for the Sins Invalid annual performance began experiencing a combination of significant health problems. As a small organization, this significantly impacts Sins Invalid’s capacity to produce its much-anticipated Fall 2010 performance.

As a result, we are forced to make the difficult decision to postpone our Fall 2010 performance until early 2011.

Workshops and Presentations by the Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute

A list of upcoming and past seminars by the race, poverty and disability scholars at POOR.


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