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Krip-Hop Nation in UK Story from PJ of Northeast of England: Discrimination in Hip-Hop

My Name is Pj, I have autism and i live in the north east of England. My story is about discrimination in all sectors including that of hip-hop and the general music industry. 

Krip-Hop Reporting from Belfast & Liverpool UK


Hello Peeps,


Krip-Hop Nation made it across the pond!  Got into Liverpool, UK from Belfast Ireland where I was invited by the coordinators of the 4th Annual Outburst Queer Arts Festival to present about Krip-Hop Nation.  I like to thank the coordinators of the festival for inviting me. 

Reflect Back (Poem after Krip-Hop Tour of ATL & NY)

Reflect Back

Would u do it the same?
It’s a lonely path
But no one is to blame

Started alone
1 turned into a few then many
But who really gets it

Is it too complicated?
Should I write more on it?
I can feel it, it’s right

Some can’t hold the politics
Others see I
Few can put the pieces together
To view the bigger picture

Music like any art has become
A lonely profession
Art movements long gone

Am I holding on to the past?
Internet, home studios & start-ups
Are double edge swords

Brought it back to the people
But now people are inside
In individual houses

Disabled/Racially Profiling express through song (THE SONG HERE Disabled Profiled by Leroy Moore & Keith Jones))

Keith Jones and I have a lot in common. Both Black both have CP, both are activists and into Hip-Hop. We also both recently have been targets of racial/disabled profiling at hotels Keith in ATL & Leroy in Oakland. Now we went into studios and recorded a song, Disabled Profiled, about their experiences of being profiled as Black disabled men. Keith on the beats and mixed it and Leroy spits his poetry. More to come. This track is on the Krip-Hop/5th Battalion Ent's cd, Broken Bodies PBP, Police Brutality Profiling Mixtape that came out 2012

Krip-Hop Nation Back on The Road

Yeah Peeps,

How is everybody?  I know its been a long time since Krip-Hop Nation has wrote something but things has been popping in the last two to three months.  On top of the events, travels and music making that I'll soon share with you, I've been racially/disabled profiled.  So lets get into it.


Leroy's New Track, Hip-Hop Hear This with Samples of FESU, Blackalious, Hyphy & George Tragic Doman

After so many Krip-Hop workshops, playing songs from non-disabled Hip-Hop artists ripping people with disabilities down, making up disabled dances, using outdated terms, getting rich by playing disabled characters on the big screen all of this without even asking us and not having at least one well known disabled Hip-Hop artist to speak, sing anything politically correct talking about this pimping, I had to remix my track, Hip-Hop Hear This with some samples that dis us with Krip-Hop political lyrics. Stay tune to hear this track.

Dancing Your Story: A Sins Invalid Movement Workshop with Antoine Hunter

Dancing Your Story: A Sins Invalid Movement Workshop with Antoine Hunter

What does your body want to communicate? Let your disabled body dance its story.

A Eulogy to Ray Charles (Happy Brithday Ray! September 23rd) Love u.

Happy Birthday Ray Charles




September 23rd is Ray Charles'

B. Day


Sins Invalid's Annual show Postpone until April 2011




Dear Friend/Colleague/Allied Supporter of Sins Invalid,

Recently, key leadership for the Sins Invalid annual performance began experiencing a combination of significant health problems. As a small organization, this significantly impacts Sins Invalid’s capacity to produce its much-anticipated Fall 2010 performance.

As a result, we are forced to make the difficult decision to postpone our Fall 2010 performance until early 2011.


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