Fighting for School Crumbs

Students and Families in Richmond, Pinole, San Pablo and El Cerrito threatened with Massive School Closures Demand Justice

The 2009 Battle Poems

The 2009 Poetry Luchador Battle of ALL of the Sexes on Valentines Day was a Multi-generational, Multi-lingual,Multi-cultural, Mash-Up of Art, Gender, Poetry, Wrestling, Language and Theatre brought to you by your favorite revolutionary poets, media-makers, poverty scholars and cultural workers at POOR Magazine.

Broken Treaties, Crimes of History

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo deconstructed

Singed Tongue

Israel. Enough. Not in my name

Platinum Period/Visitor From Lil' America

What A Day!

Balling For Hours.

Now,On With The Work.

Tribal Corruption Is Not Traditional

Press Conference and Public Testimony

11:00-3:00pm, Thursday, February 5th

State Capitol Building North Side 10th st & Capitol Mall, Sacramento, California


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