Homeless: Deecolonize Academy Final Essay 2020

Tiny - Posted on 06 January 2021

By Amir Cornish

I am Amir Cornish that lives in West Oakland called the bottoms and you can see all black and brown people living down here, you can see we have a couple curses living down here with the territory. 
I lived in West Oakland for my whole life so i know to struggle on the streets wondering where my next meal was coming from, when you don’t have a home to go it like losing yourself to the world that don’t even care about you and the bottom eats you up like a little mouse when you disappear nobody notice you until you see a poster of you on the wall of a store.  
My alarm clock is when I hear gunshots go out in the middle of the night. It's like hearing fireworks going into the sky and all of a sudden you hear a big boom, when you are homeless you could feel the cold air rushing through your shoulder piercing like some sharp needles never releasing it from your skin. 
‘’I thought that i was going to be homeless forever because nobody care about me, but only my Momma and brothers and i felt like nothing could get any better,’’ said Ziair Hughes 
‘’I don't really remember a lot of being homeless, but my Mom and Brothers and me didn't really have a family,’’  said Ziair Hughes 
We had a little mobile home and we used to ride on the streets of Alameda California. Even though we had a place to stay we were still struggling to get a piece of food in our belly rumbling like a lion roofing for its next meal to eat, my Mother always found a way to feed us.
The area i live in it’s not safe to walk in the middle of the night because the shadows of the night consume you, The darkness is going over your shoulder lurking back of you but is nothing, and it's always danger lurking into the darkness like a Black Panther ready to attack its prey at night waiting for the right time to attack its prey. 
A home is a safe place that you could come to release all of your stress at home and don't have to worry about being on the streets worried about where to go.
Finding a home is like a needle in a haystack that you could never find, homeless trying their best to get home for them and the family so they could thrive for their next generation, sometime long days we will sleep in the car and see the light bright full moon in the sky in the middle of the dark black sky covered with naughtiness.  
Having a home is safer than being on the streets carrying bottles on your back trying to sell bottles to the Recycle Center, and I remember a time when my Grandma Peaches took me and  my brothers to the Recycle Center to get a little cash from that place. 
I have always lived in the projects for my whole life, seeing other people on the streets trying to thrive until the next day and making my heart  break into two pieces shattering all over the place like a broken mirror trying to put it back together once again. 


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