Amerikkklan Dream BLues...The Violence of I Got Mines..

Tiny - Posted on 27 September 2020

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I got mines Versus We got Ours 

By Tiny 


In the system- based on “pay” 

Our tired bodies are used for trade


We think to ourselves 

If only we could get “made” 

If only we could get paid


But the funny piece 

About that Belief 

Is that every dream rooted in acquisition

 is a dream rooted in dominance and oppression


Every dream rooted in gettin it in

Is a day spent in another poor person being done in


Every moment spent in I got to get mines

Is  someone else’s stolen life


I got those amerikkklan dream blues 

Where revolutionary moves get lost

In the holes of our too tight broken sole shoes


Every day spent barely covering the rent 

Is another  day lost to Mama Earth Dominance


Is another day away from what we can do to step away

From buying, selling, our bodies, her body and our souls

Based on how much we can pay


This Poem-Cast from a poverty skola goes out to my fellow poverty skolaz (and un-colonizing wealth hoarders) who feel lost in the broken krapitalist dreams that always costs -prices rise- and cant ever seem to be bought- 


Crossing false borders, losing lives and limbs, working for shit, doing criminalized labor until we get pinched - and yet what happens - do we EVER get ahead??? Liberation cant be the answer until we overstand how we all got this krapitalist cancer. 


We Cant live into being free - unless we can all see- that the answer isn’t in Getting our piece 


While the akademiks and wealth-hoarders study, exploit and profit off our pain - continuing to gain their comfort based on our struggle to attain- 


We are still lost - behind those border walls- those prison Cels

Those Buy My Ugly House Poster Boards 


While our dream continues to be - I just need to get paid and hoard 

Or I will never be Free 

We will be stuck in I got Mines 

Black and Brown Krapitalism aint the answer fam 

Its just another wite supremacist lie 


Our models for the homeless, landless peoples solution to homelessness we call Homefulness- are MOVE Africa, Landless Peoples Movement in Brazil, Shackdwellers Union in South Africa, Sogorea Te Land Trust, PoorPeoplesArmy, the Zapatistas in Chiapas - us houseless peoples from all four corners have to struggle everyday in amerikkka to keep our bodies and lives and dreams un-enmeshed with the amerikkklan dream, - because its right there in front of us- so close we could almost touch it- just a CorpRape paycheck - a jefe , boss or philanthro-pimp or phat side hustle away..?


The deeper challenge is to ask ourselves  - have we all swallowed the krapitalist vision of “success” cool-aid? are our bodies so tired and CONfused by what us poverty, indigenous  skolaz are told, taught, sold and pimped for so long that we can’t Un-do it from our Minds…


Is the I got Mines so deep - so sweet, so tasty - so lacy - that it will win out We Got Ours EVERYTIME?


The reality is that us poor folks have struggled so long just to survive, just to keep our babies and bodies alive that we cant see

That we CANT Real-EYES

That  liberation is NOT rooted in the I but the “We”


That we were ripped from blood and kin, CONfused by media, music, our own families terror and poverty drama, cutting so close - so deep - that all we can do is pray and weep


While academics and poltricksters, use our struggle to for their idealistic elitist dreams


No poverty skolaz - its time 

WE got this 

like Patitiva would rhyme 


Holding each other Up 

Letting go of misplaced greed rooted in the violence of I got Mines 


Freeing up our Tired bodies and minds 


Dancing around the edges of - living, breathing into 


The Power of the People - the Loving Liberation of We 


This is the time 


Cant We See???


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