POOR Magazine Demands an End to All Sweeps, Belonging Theft, Evictions and Foreclosures

Tiny - Posted on 16 March 2020

POOR Magazine/Homefuness is formerly demanding a permanent end to:

-All "Sweeps", Belonging theft and all Criminalization of Unhoused peoples in this Covid19 Crisis and Forever.

-A Moratorium on Evictions of Low and no-income elders, families and workers in this Covid19 crisis and Forever

- A Moratorium on all Foreclosures of homes owned by individual families, disabled communities and elders 

- A end to the shut off of utilities of families and elders disabled 

-Sick pay paid to all gig workers, low-wage workers and families for the duration of this Covid19crisis 

-Vacant and Hoarded Land, Homes and Buildings Immediately Redistributed to Houseless Families, Elders and Individuals at no cost for their own self-determined movements like Homefulness, Moms4Housing and #WhereDoWeGoBerkeley? #FirstTheyCameForTheHomeless 

Join #RoofLessRadio as we continue to activate radical redistributed resources to all of us Po folks on March 24th- click here:

ComeUnity Healing,Cleaning Sanitation Supplies Radical Redistribution Days at Encampments & Po People Housing


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