ComeUnity Healing,Cleaning Sanitation Supplies Radical Redistribution Days at Encampments & Po People Housing

Tiny - Posted on 13 March 2020

Press Contact: Tiny Gray-Garcia (510-435-7500- Dayton Andrews 626-826-9426

Homeless and Poor peoples-led Healing,Sanitation & Cleaning Supplies Distribution Days held At Bay Area Unhoused Communities &Encampments 

Poor Magazine/Homefulness, and the United Front Against Displacement SelfHelp Hunger Program will hold a press conference and community,self-determined  relief effort on March 25th at 1pm in West Oakland (need to pick a specific location on Wood st).

This effort will work to lift up poor ,indigenous &homeless peoples solitons to our  own problems and expose the incompetence of the local and federal response to the COVID-19 epidemic.

(A story on this issue:The Virus of Poverty

The Bay Area is home to some of the largest homeless communities in the country, yet local governments such as the city of Oakland have provided little to prevent the spread of COVID 19 among homeless people. The West Oakland Wood St Community is home to over 200 people yet they lack any porta potties or handwashing stations.


At the same time, the city of Oakland has evicted several homeless communities in recent weeks, causing the population of Wood st to swell as people are left with nowhere to go.


This situation has made the community even more vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19


We demand a moratorium on ALL evictions during the COVID-19 crisis in the city of Oakland

We demand expanded sanitation services to homeless communities-we demand hoarded and vacant land be liberated for the use of housing and self-determined land liberation movements like Homefulness,Where do we go Berkeley and here there encampments 

(Other co-sponsors SFBayview Newspaper, Anti-Police Terror project,SlefHelpHunger program, And others to come )


Donation Blurb:

The Covid-19 epidemic is rapidly spreading and will soon become a global pandemic. The Covid-19 virus is highly contagious and is already rapidly spreading in communities across the US. This epidemic is revealing not only the weakness in the global healthcare system, but just how vulnerable working people are to natural catastrophes. In the US, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people made to sleep on the streets at night, hundreds of thousands that cannot “self quarantine” and are denied access to even basic sanitation. In a matter of weeks, thousands of homeless people are likely to become infected. Homelessness causes great stress onto the human body, homeless people are at an even higher risk of dying due to the infection.

At the same, the US government has dragged its feet in responding to this crisis and as a result, it is guaranteed that this crisis will only get worse.

This is a call for donations of emergency medical supplies to respond for this crisis in our most vulnerable communities.

Items people need include: medical masks, wipes, sanitizer,  and jugs of water.


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