TONITE UnTOld- UnSold Book Release Event & Cleaning/Healing Supplies Collection

Tiny - Posted on 13 March 2020

TONITE - March 13th 7pm InTegriTea- 717 Marin - Vallejo, Ca 

NOTE - TONITE us poor, houseless & formerly houseless folks at POOR MAgazine/Homefulness & POOR Press, in addition to reading from our books - wil be Taking a Collectionn of Cleaning , Sanitation and Healing Supplies for Poor & Unhoused Communities who are still outside without or without a virus - please bring any surplus or haorded cleaning supplies to radically redistribute to unhoused and poor elders, disabled folks and families - latex gloves, bleach, wipes, paper towels, masks, tinctures, herbs,energe C,  etc which we will be redistributing to fellow unhoused, formerly unhosued and poor people in encampments and poor people-housing - We know that Kolonial Scarcity models Kill with or WIthout a Virus - 

More about the Books:

In February Poor Press will be releasing eight powerful and beautiful books including Black Disabled Ancestors  by Leroy Moore, Unwritten Law by Dee Allen, When Mama and Me Lived Outside by Lisa”Tiny” Gray Garcia, Disturbance Within Myself by Audrey Candycorn, Chimalli by Muteado Silencio, Horse Tuuxi: My Name is Kaii by Angela Taylor, Everybody Jesus by Katana Barnes the most diverse Poor Book making program in the history of Poor Press topics include homelessness and street survival of a mother and daughter to police brutality to having Jesus in your live to Native America children story to Black disabled ancestors to a single mother surviving her son being murder to a pre internet world seeing the future and finally the beautiful art and stories of indigenous P'urepecha from the lands of Michoacán, Mexico, displaced here in the United States, his intention is to inspire his indigenous people to take the blanket, the paintings, the mud, the brushes and remember that we are craftspeople.

POOR press is the poor people-led publishing arm of the grassroots, homeless and poor people-led movement known as POOR Magazine which has been dedicated to publishing and producing the books, art, education and culture of very low, no-income, homeless, indigenous, disabled and incarcerated youth, adults and elders since 1996.

All of these powerful, ground-breaking publications are informed by the original theory of Poverty Scholarship- Poor People-led Theory, Art, Words and Tears Across Mama Earth which was released in 2019 with an national tour and will be re-released in 2020 as part of this powerful collection.


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