Profile of Ziair

Tiny - Posted on 29 October 2019

He was crazy in my opinion. Jumping and shaking and twitching, filled with a manic energy that was somewhat infectious, spreading throughout the room like static electricity. Shocking me and revitalizing my spirit as he continued with his introduction.
“My name is Ziair.” Ziair lives in Oakland, the city of failed dreams. He confided in me stating that these girls be trippin, and wanted me to know why these girls be trippin. “Cuz they bipolar." that was all he had to say about that, but was really proud he got it out. I asked him about what favorite subject was in school and he answered casually, saying math. When I asked him why, he exclaimed, “Cuz I'm good at it man!”
Talking to Ziair was very interesting because he didn't say much, yet what he said carried weight. Each one of his sentences had their own little story in them and I was captivated by the way he told them. He couldn't stay still, almost like his body couldn't contain the words that were flowing out of his mouth.
One thing I remembered about Ziair was the orange shirt that he wore. It was bright and it contrasted starkly with his dark blue jeans and Jordans. His hair was in two tight braids, winding down his neck and bobbing back and forth as he talked. I see him try hard at math so I know the credibility behind his words, backing them up with complete confidence in what he was saying, never once doubting or second guessing himself.
In conclusion, interviewing Ziair was an odd experience. Talking to a young boy with so much energy and words spewing out of him. After the interview, he continued to talk and rap and go on different small tangents about this or that. This interview basically confirmed what I already knew about Ziair...He crazy.



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