People Skool for Poverty Skolaz- A Day in My Life

Tiny - Posted on 01 October 2019

A day they will mark my life.

When people, when they come to hte United States, they right away identify as Americans. They forget about their own culture, they forget about their own families. And some of our family members need support from the family.

And some can actually fit in these USA society. They happen to be people who humiliate anyone. Without knowing that they themselves can also be facing difficult times.

But we as warrior people, we have the fortune of coming from our ancestors. We also have our traditions. Which we don't forget about. and we're not artificial, like people that idenify as American people.

There are many forms to idenify yourself. But how to know, to know that theyr'e real people, or just being fake? Just like I went through. Thie could happen to anyone. No matter your race, your class, if you're rich or poor. People should be more humble, to better this world and to end all the wars. 


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