Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour thru SFTech for the Ancestors

Tiny - Posted on 29 September 2019

Where: Tour Launches at Mission & 1st Streets in the Occupied Village of Yelamu aka San Francisco 

When: 1pm Oct 31st 

The 2019 Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour will go through SF tech - one of the largest industries fueling the violent gentriFUKation /removal and displacement of working class/ very low-income Black, Brown, Indigenous communities out of San Francisco, which often leads to the death and dismantlement of elders and families in SF, Berkeley, Oakland /San Jose/Bay Area- as well as silently complicit in the criminalization , removal, theft and death of unhoused residents of San Francisco...

On this Tour ,which is in honor of the ancestors of these removal efforts like Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat, Papa Bear, Amilcar Perez Lopez and Jessica Williams to name a few.. POOR Magazine poverty/indigenous/disability skolaz will be sharing the medicine of #RadicalRedistribution and the #BankofComeUnityReparations' - "Tech Reparations Fund" a liberation fund which was formerly launched on Sept 7th 2019 and humbly asks that the Tech industry give back 10-15% of their outrageous hoarded wealth and resources to establish/build equity of unhoused, housing insecure, indigenous/disabled/elder and families facing eviction, removal, the violence of "sweeps" and/or to help folks stay in their homes, neighborhoods and/or encampments where they face ongoing removal attempts, thefts, poltricksterism, scamlord evictions, predation and poLice terror.

Additionally, Marc Benioff - CEO of Salesforce, announced a 30 million dollar "study" of unhoused peoples when we as unhoused peoples have already been studied, examined, surveyed and swept, so one of the Tour's asks/tour stops will be the Salesforce Transit center, site of one of the most violent removal/evictions of unhoused, neuro-divergent peoples out of a safe, warm place to sit and dwell- So this tour follows a direct ask to Marc Benioff to radically redistribute to the Tech Reparations Fund so we homeless folks can build a Homefulness #2 to provide safe, land for unhoused peoples to live- here is the open letter to Marc - which we will be distributing on this tour. We will also visit "Square" which met with POOR Magazine poverty skolaz Aunti Frances Moore, Muteado Silencio Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia and homeless & formerly homeless Youth poverty skolaz from #DeecolonizeAcademy earlier this year, promising to consider The Tech Reparations Fund and ended up doing absolutely nothing for any unhoused people.

We invite ALL fellow land liberators, reparators, CONfused but conscious wealth-hoarders, poverty skolaz, houseless folks, advocates, revolutionaries. Tech workers, and community to join us and make this day truly epic.

Because this is the time when the veil is thin between us living in the present and the ancestors on the other side of the spirit journey, otherwise known as "Halloween" we invite you to join us youth and family poverty skolaz from Deecolonize Academy in "dressing" , wearing a "costume" of a "Zombie Tech GentriFUKer" - Scamlord, Devil-oper, Poltrickster, Kkkolonizer, Hipster, or other icons representing 21st century missionaries and/ or removers, ( or however you would like to dress)

The concept of "Poverty Scholarship and ComeUnity Reparations is also explained in the recently released publication the Poverty Scholarship Book- available for sale on-line at

As with all the previous tours we will be launching with All Nations Prayer for Ancestors and Mama Earth- so prayer - bringers who would like to join us- pls also feel welcome and connect with us in advance

If you would like to co-sponsor as an organization, walk with us, or speak - pls email Or just meet us at the corner of 1st & Mission on Oct 31st at 1pm-
video of the Launch of the Bank of COMEUnity Reparations- is here-


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