Presence, Prayer & Procession of the Housed for the UnHoused

Tiny - Posted on 04 May 2019

As SF, Berkeley and Oakland politricksters continue their Violent hate campaigns and policies toward and against us houseless folks we realized that another frame needs to be launched-

instead of us just constantly reacting to their hate and lygislations - we are asking folks with homes, with resources to gather - in critical mass and clearly claim - No we dont want our houseless neighbors, swept, Banned, arrested and profiled- we dont want their bodies and resources and belongings stolen-and we dont equate "clean streets" with streets that are empty of people.

We are hoping that as many housed folks can stand together with us unhoused and formerly unhoused folks and listen to actual solutions we are manifesting and WeSearch ( Poor people-led research) we have uncovered as well as speak your own commitments to enact solutions, not more hate-

With this action we hope to cause the gaze to be shifted from us the Swept, to you the so-called Stake-holders who the poltricksters say they are "sweeping" us for.

As renters and Mama Earth "owners" your presence against more sweeps is extremely important to end the dangerous and ongoing war On the Poor

If you would like more information or to co-sponsor the action- pls email


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