Un-Selling Mama Earth on Earth Day- Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tour 2019

Tiny - Posted on 17 April 2019

Press contacts: Leroy Moore/Tiny (510) 435-7500
For Immediate Release:
Un-Selling Mama Earth on Earth Day..Stolen Land Tour 2019
Homeless and formerly homeless youth and family poverty skolaz release report on vacant privately owned parcels of Mama Earth with a demand for #RadicalRedistribution of resources and land for unhoused peoples
When: 2pm Tuesday, April 23rd
Where: Oakland /Berkeley Assoc of Realtors 2855 Telegraph - Berkeley, Ca
What: Homeless and Formerly homeless youth and families release report on vacant properties and proposal for immediate action
"There are more people forced to sleep on the street than ever in Oakland and we are dying on these streets," said Aunti Frances Moore, one of the co-leaders of the Stolen Land /Hoarded Resources Tours that have traversed the United States since Earth Day 2016 when the first tour launched in San Francisco.
From Berkeley to Oakland to San Francisco the lives and belongings of unhoused peoples are consistently criminalized, harassed and stolen. Most recently in Berkeley they have banned the act of sleeping in your own vehicle and in San Francisco the mayor has adopted a policy of taking peoples tents leaving them exposed and in even more vulnerable to the elements while they try to sleep houselessly.
"As we resist the state and cities' criminalization of our unhoused bodies, and the privatization of all public spaces from streets to libraries, we also need to talk about the hoarding of land and resources by private developers and speculators-in the wake of Mama Earth's increasing destruction and poisoning we need to stop the buying and selling of Mama Earth." said Lisa tiny Gray-Garcia, a formerly houseless single mother,co-founder of Homefulness the co-leader of the Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Tours and co-author of the just released Poverty Scholarship - Poor People-led Theory, Art, Words and Tears Across Mama Earth.
These States of Emergency are why houseless and formerly houseless, criminalized, bordered, indigenous, disabled and incarcerated members of the poor peoples movement known as POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE launched the Stolen Land /Hoarded Resources Tours in 2016, following the police murder of unhoused houseless Mayan brother, Sun and husband Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat in San Francisco

The 2019 stop on the Stolen Land/Hoarded Resources Decolonization & Community Reparations Tour will be at The Oakland/Berkeley Association of REALTORS and include the release of a report created by homeless and formerly homeless youth and families of POOR Magazine and Deecolonize Academy,/ Homefulness of the Vacant "parcels" of "Mama Earth' in Huchuin- /Oakland -compiled into one draft document - with a challenge to people with resources/occupied land to "liberate" those pieces of Mama Earth so that unhoused communities can launch more Homefulness projects and/or give them back to 1st Nations people for open space/ceremony.

The press conference with the release of the report will include speakers from the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative and the Landless Peoples Alliance.


ALL LANDLESS/POOR/INDIGENOUS communities welcome to co-sponsor/join/stand with us. All communities/orgs with different forms of race and class resources also invited to stand/co-sponsor/ or present action plans-pls email poormag@gmail.com for more info.
POOR Magazine is a poor and indigenous people-led movement that has been creating/providing grassroots, media, art, education, extreme advocacy and solutions by and for poor and unhoused communities locally and globally Homefulness is a homeless peoples solution to homelessness, a self-determined , landless peoples movement building housing and support by and for unhoused communities in Deep East Oakland. Deecolonize Academy is a poor mama and uncle led liberation school for homeless and formerly homeless youth and families on the land at Homefulness


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