Stop Sweeping us - We Are Not Trash- Poverty Scholarship Presentation at Columbia University Teachers College

Tiny - Posted on 25 March 2019

Homelessness, Gentrification and Disability in the Classroom: Teaching Teachers & Adults About About Poverty and Disability in Classroom.
TONITE- Monday < March 25th at 5pm _ Columbia Teachers College- 525 West  120th street NYC
This workshop focuses on the importance of educating children about poverty, homelessness, racism, ableism, and displacement by centering the voices of those who are most impacted by those intersecting oppressions ( rooted in the theory of Poverty Scholarship). Using their recently-published, revolutionary children’s books as models and teaching tools, Tiny Gray-Garcia and Leroy Moore will work with participants to develop teaching strategies and curriculum around these critical themes that can be used with a wide range of ages and education levels. Youth and teachers will also present the model of a liberation school rooted in indigenous consciousness and poverty scholarship for homeless and formerly homeless children, run by homeless and formerly homeless mamas, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers that we call Decolonize Academy. 
Leroy Moore & Lisa “Tiny” Gray Garcia will also talk about Poor Press and their new books, Poverty Scholarship - Poor People-led Theory, Art , Words and Tears Across Mama Earth - - a revolutionary poor people-led theory and solutions based text book that also comes with a downloadable curriculum for poverty skolaz/community and folks enmeshed in academia- (college students) & Krip-Hop Graphic Novel.
As part of the book, Poverty Scholarship, and curriculum tour Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia, Leroy Moore and other poverty skolaz are offering a series of presentations/workshops sharing the radical and original theory and solutions that are created, enacted and manifested by the people themselves most impacted by the issues of poverty, homelessness, criminalization racism/classism and displacement, etc to see some of the workshop topics go to
Facilitator(s): Leroy F. Moore Jr., Founder of the Krip-Hop Nation is an activist, lecturer, writer, poet, rapper, feminist, and radio programmer. Moore’s Krip-Hop Nation is a movement that addresses ableism, or discrimination against disabled artists, esp. Black musicians marginalized because of racism AND ableism world-wide. Tiny (aka Lisa Gray-Garcia) is a formerly unhoused, incarcerated poverty scholar, revolutionary journalist, lecturer, poet, visionary, teacher and single mama of Tiburcio, daughter of a houseless, disabled mama Dee, and the co–founder of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE/PoorNewsNetwork. 


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