PNNscholar1 - Posted on 15 December 2018


drove me to

seek sustenance

at Safeway.  Desperately I searched

for food without fillers not born in a lab

for food without pesticide tainting its skin

for food without chemical colors mixed in

for food not injected, infected or foul

for food not obtained through abuse of the wild

When suddenly from deep inside my soul

a deafening tone rose and took control

my body shook as i scremaed and yelled

that the food in the store was not fit to sell

and fuck the food industries intent

to kill

an entire nation

to stack dollar bills

Then security escorted me

out the door

as i continued to shout

"I can'td take it no more!"

Still fuming as i stormed down the street

my grumbling belly

won't accept defeat

i hold accountable the corporate mind

that entwines with political designs

i won't accept their rancid fare

emitting the stench of the death it bares

I won't subvert the gift of life

event if it means eternal strife

I stubbornly claim my right

to resist

to insist

that they purify

the food supply and

And even if I starve to death

my soul will never come to rest

until the life returns to food

and humanity once again rules


Aniah Hill is a poet with City College of San Francisco's Poetry for the People



(c) 2018


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