I have an American dream.. To live!

Tiny - Posted on 08 November 2018

Dear Babies,


I am sorry that I am not here to kiss you goodbye when you wake up. There is a “Caminata del Migrante”  going to the US that is getting underway so I have to leave very, very early to meet with the people at the bus station in San Pedro Sula to board the caravan. Although San Pedro Sula is dubbed one of the most violent cities in the world, it is still worth the risk to get to the “American Dream.”


The dream that one day I will come back for you, your three brothers and your grandfather. And we will be able to live in peace and reap the bounty of our fruits. The dream that you can be whatever you want to be in life, may it be a doctor, lawyer or teacher. You will have endless opportunities in America.


My babies, I will not lie to you. This is a long, long journey and it may take months to reach my destination. But do not worry, for I hear America’s citizens are friendly and will welcome all of us eventually with open arms. I feel so terrible that I had to leave you all behind in the midst of all the violence and poverty but after the deaths of your father, uncle and grandmother, I have to leave to seek out a better life for us. Please do your best to look after your grandfather and younger brothers and help with the cooking and cleaning.


I promise that we will be together again soon. So as I began the migration with very little food, water or other necessities and the burning sun as my unintended nemesis I will have you all in my spirit and that is enough to keep me strong in this search for home.


 -A Poor Migrant Mama


President Trump has reportedly sent thousands of U.S troops to line up on the US border with the promise of making sure that no one enters the country “illegally” and that any resistance will result in arrest. In the month of September alone there were around 16,000 arrests or more of poor people trying to cross the US border. So will more incarceration show different results?  Instead of this nation addressing the global issue of poverty, the “Cheeto Prez” would rather spew racist lies and rhetoric suggesting that Middle Easterners, terrorists, and other criminals are all that consists of the occupants of the caravans.


Trump was said to even had stooped to the level of threatening to cut aid altogether to stricken countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras for allowing the struggling people to pass through their borders, further adding to the insult and injury of the suffering.


There have also been reports that many of those traveling on the grueling journey have opted to seek asylum and/or refugee status in Mexico while some poor, exhausted folks have walked the last mile and returned home with the sense of feeling of at least trying. The president in all his arrogance says that they are “wasting their time” when speaking upon people that are so poor and traumatized from violence and hatred that “wealthy, wicked man controlled” that folks are risking their lives for that “Amerikkkan Dream” with the lie of the “Promised Land”


“Bad elements” abroad is no valid excuse for why HUMAN BEINGS are being denied basic human rights. There are “bad elements” here already in the form of  “illegal” colonizers who wiped out the Natives for the whites’ “right to be here” and the same whites slaughtered black people in resistance to the Black man and woman’s “right to be here” and the most intelligent thing “cheeto prez” could come up with is that “very bad people” are being backed by a few rebellious rich folks and that they (migrants) are wasting time heading to the border only to be met by troops that promises not to shoot.


Well, tell that to the poor migrant Mama….

                                                                    Queennandi Xsheba PNN KEXU


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