So Much Violence

Tiny - Posted on 27 July 2018

As a kid, I found difficulty finding logic in why people committed brutal acts of violence and the motivation behind the crimes. From ordinary citizens to law enforcement the “jones” for violence and death has become the frightening norm for today’s way of life in our “sodom and gomorrah” -like country. Community conflict, gentrifukation, police brutality, racism, school violence and gender oppression all contribute to humanity’s abuse to sum it all together. And a lot of the masses would rather entertain their brains in order to turn a blind eye to the declining consciousness and morality of people.


You can’t even help someone get on a train without having to use caution because of the lie of diagnosis that can be “wrist slapping” for an individual who just don’t want to take the ribbon of being a messed up person that’s unable to heal and focus properly as a positive contributor to society.  Everything has to be diagnosed with some ailment and of course if someone is sick in any way they are entitled to the very best of care but there are those who choose to take the cowardly way out. And those who seek to write their histories in blood for social media fame needs a mirror of reality cuz like Mama used to say: “You know what you be doing”


Violence against women, children and elders has been escalating with elders becoming more subjected to violence because of the coward’s “easy mark” way of thinking. The elderly victims have not been surviving some of the attacks they endured as a simple fall or head injury could be deadly. One 80 year-old elder from the bay area died after she was beaten in a home invasion. Another elder was also attacked and after striking his head on the ground, he also died.


Women and children are vulnerable to trafficking and sexploitation for profit, family separations and neglect. Abuse also rears its head in the form of the systematic spirit-breaking of an individual in a way so cruel that would make a person who’s hurting hurt others without any more regards to life. Young girls are not safe at all because the value of females is being portrayed in a negative light while the parents are being criminalized for liberating a child from the hands of a gorilla-pimp!


Television (tellin lies on our vision) and video games has always had some level of violent content to it, but today’s message especially to our youth is that anything goes, defy your village, go shoot people and make music about it and you will have your 5 minutes of instagram fame- if the police don’t shoot you! Let’s not forget the loud mouthed extra-tweeting prez that did not hesitate to make it know that Amerikkka has always been ready to get “down and dirty” with anyone who don’t want to be down with the program of destruction. There is violence for control, especially political and there are those willing to fight violently for peace but does violence beget peace? My point is, there is so much violence all around and in EVERY aspect.


As a survivor of atrocities I was grateful for POOR Magazine’s heal group, there I was able to be honest with myself and identify the heartbreak and what other crimes that have been committed against me, systematically or not. When hurt people have the correct outlets and support then it makes it less complicated to plug in and tap into that healing honestly and without judgement so I tapped into my writing.


I have met a few folks in my life who lived in a perfect bubble without having experienced death of a parent, grandparent, sibling, never went through poverty and violence, not even so much as one friend or family member falling to a gun crime and kudos to them, but I couldn’t help but think about what that kind of world would that be, here in “Amerikkka”.


Queennandi X PNN KEXU


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