A Grieving Mother June 16 2018

Tiny - Posted on 24 June 2018

Words. What exactly are the purpose of words? do we need them there was a time when they're where no words only grunts moans the communication of body language the feeling of spirit interesting words who needs they transform from the form off your lips atmosphere misleading and multi meanings too many words to add to the confusion of this word gain and to think once they've hit the paper that transformation woohoo man I'm just saying ever heard the saying to be pencil whipped words on paper are powerful they can be damaging or accrediting however we seen that to be able to get away from them simple words words they're everywhere lurking and Luaring multiplying and dividing and subtracting themselves in and out weavings of conversations words again I asked what is the purpose of them especially when used improperly and what about intentional misplacement of the words... I don't know about you but I personally am starting to think that words have become more of a distraction then a road map two achievement of Harmony.

I think that it's important to go on vibes feelings emotions intuition the inner God in you in me and us. the census of one's in the making ,often will get you through and to the truth which is the light where everything is exposed and bearing fruit For all Who Indulge. Lately I have been intrigued with the word harmony I have forfeited all of the words that exist for this one word (Harmony) because I have come to realize that words mean nothing we all need them I feel as though they Posses Power of importance  because it is the one form to express expression feelings and emotions but why should we have to To Use Words  2 express feelings and emotions how come feelings and emotions cannot speak for themselves instead of labeling something boxing it in as a word ) these are just my thoughts again words do they mean anything and to who does these words mean anything too ... that's my point exactly 
Here's  A contradiction words are powerful yet in the same sentence I say they mean nothing how is that so


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