Unhoused & Poor People from the Bay Area Join Poor Peoples March on Washington DC

Tiny - Posted on 01 June 2018

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Unhoused & Poor People from the Bay Area Join Poor Peoples March on Washington DC

Unhoused youth, adults and elders who have struggled  with endless sweeps, evictions and displacement in the Bay Area join unhoused & poor families from across the nation in a march on Washingtion DC


On June 2nd, houseless & formerly unhoused families from POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE & Homefulness will join poor & Unhoused families from across the country to gather in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, the poorest District in Pennsylvania, for the Poor People’s March on Washington, D.C.

This march will mark the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign and Resurrection City erected in 1968 on the National Mall. The march will begin on June 2nd from the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia and end on June 12th at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. where we will be joined by the Homeless Marathon.

"Our homeless, disabled bodies, are being violently "swept" by Mayors from San Francisco to Santa Monica, like we are trash- our elders and children are being evicted by speculators .. we refuse to continue being crimalized, displaced and terrorized, we Poor people have innovative solutions like First they Came for the Homeless in Berkeley & Homefulness in Deep East Oakland. People need to hear our own poor people-led solutions, " said Tiny Gray-Garcia, poet , author of Criminal of Poverty: Growing Up Homeless in America, co-founder of POOR Magazine and one of the unhoused mamaz and uncles who founded Homefulness- a homeless peoples solution to homelessness.


As put by PPEHRC member, Galen Tyler: “We are this new and unsettling force that King spoke of in 1968.” Sign up to join us for the Poor People’s March and donate today to support this effort.

"Yes, we the poor will march and speak for ourselves: the homeless, residents of Puerto Rico robbed of our land and culture, people in recovery, the disability community, the ‘welfare queens,’ the ‘deadbeat dads,’ homeless veterans, the hustlers, young and old, immigrants, the criminals, the ‘undeserving’ poor, black, white and Brown. We will march for our lives and when we arrive we will construct Resurrection city and Reclaim our future for generations to come."

"Stop the PoGroms," said Bilal Mufundi Ali, Black Panther and POOR Magazine poverty skola who will be joining the march, referring to the violent sweeps of homeless people and the reason that POOR Magazine launched a "sweep" of their own last week. A sweep of the Mayors homes who sweep them all the time- click here to see an excerpt of the action
The cycle goes around But the kids of Poverty & Disability organized Without foundations who have roots of cycle of abuse The children of Poverty & Disability Marching to D.C.hand and hand with their knowledge, art and music Proud and loud "
Excerpts from Leroy F. Moore Jr's poem Poverty & Disability
POOR Magazine/Homefulness co-founders and cultural workers with the Po' Poets Project of POOR Magazine will be part of the line-up of hip hop artists and cultural workers performing in Washington DC at Resurrection City June 9-12th. POOR Magazine's poor people-led media project RoofLEss Radio will also be broadcasting from the march at this link
See attached flyer for more information on the Poor Peoples March on Washington or go to economichumanarights.org. or the facebook page here
To watch RoofLESS radio/TV documentation
To watch a video about Homefulness groundbreaking- click here
To watch where Homefulness is Now- click here-






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