Unhoused "Swept" People Launch a Sweep

Tiny - Posted on 17 May 2018

Fri, 05/18/2018 - 10:00am - 1:00pm

Unhoused and formerly unhoused poverty/disability and indigenous youth and family skolaz at POOR Magazine Homefulness & Deecolonize Academy respond to the violence of "sweeps" of our bodies like we are trash and politrickster non-solutions like navigation centers, case manglers, & more anti-social work.

More details will be released soon but plan to meet in Oakland at 10am

More info Here:
When: 10am & 12 noon Friday, May 18th
Where: Oakland and San Francisco Locations TBA (Locations Embargoed until May 18th @ 8am)- call 510-435-7500 after 8am friday, may 18th

In the last year there has been a rise in the already endless series of violent "sweeps" of unhoused residents of Oakland, San Francisco and Berkeley. These "Sweeps" result in houseless, disabled youth, adults, elders and children, already struggling with living outside, losing their belongings, personal possessions, medicine, blankets, wheelchairs, canes, tents and places to rest .

"Stop the Po'Groms" , said Bilal Mafundi Ali, formerly houseless, Black Panther and POOR Magazine poverty skola reporter about these targeted attacks of our poor and unhoused bodies.

These "Sweeps" launched by hypocritical politicians and state agencies like CalTrans, Mayors Libby Shaaf, Mayor Mark Farrell and Department of Public Works on both sides of the Bay Area, using the issue of homelessness to garner votes and power with corporations and the wealthiest residents of these cities have a very serious impact on homeless peoples lives whose bodies are endlessly criminalized by a series of laws that make it illegal to sleep , stand, sit or live while houseless.

"The word "Sweep" is the beginning of the problem- poltricksters using hygenic metaphors about humans to turn us into trash, The "solutions" that are offered to houseless people like Navigation Centers are no solutions at all ," said Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, formerly unhoused co-founder and poverty skola reporter at POOR Magazine and co-founder of Homefulness

Since the increase in these violent sweeps POOR Magazine's houseless people-led media project; RoofLESS radio has been documenting the theft of belongings by "sweeps" in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley so that their voices, "poverty scholarship" as POOR Magazine calls it, and poor people-led solutions are included in the conversations about homelessness.

POOR Magazine is currently working to create a poor and houseless people-led solution to homelessness they call Homefulness.


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