ReViewsForTheRevVoLution:: Black Panther and Black Love- a review

Tiny - Posted on 24 February 2018

Movie Review: Black Panther


Action- This movie did not let me down with all the kick-azz scenes that kept me squealing with excitement and wanting more. The star-filled cast was amazing and perfected and the storyline tapped into my genetic memory bank.


The only thing that this movie differs from the other superhero movies is that I was able to relate to The Black Panther and his cause that included “myself” for once surviving til the end of the movie and that we can live happily ever unified.

“Do you remember the time” by Michael Jackson played constantly in my head as the ‘Black Love” scenes played throughout the movie, something that is becoming almost extinct in Hollywood and today’s “pop culture”. Television programming and the kardashian propaganda

Does not encourage Black Love. Rather it teaches us to love everyone else but ourselves and that the Black man is nothing but a rich, rappin, ball slappin brute who salivates over caucasian women and that Black women are nothing more than “thots” whose destiny is nothing more than flopping on the floor like a fish on the “Maury” show because she doesn’t know who’s the father of her children.


Enough of colonizing people painting negative pictures of us Africans who are still in America’s bondage. We are always depicted as the whores, rapists, pimps, druggies, abusive parents and prisoners of hollywood and the best Black movie in the world would still be only worthy of a wite oscar nod. (Look at the Color Purple!)


The Black Woman

The General would have taken the head off the fool who dare thought to categorize her as a modern day t.h.o.t. She was the amazon warrior possessed with Grace Jones -like beauty and strength who was loyal to the King and the Wakanda nation. And she hated wigs!

The rightful image of the Black Woman was displayed beautifully and not in a weak, submissive watered down way. Such in a way that her beloved brotha bowed down to her, not because of vanity, but because he knew her worth as his true Queen and The Black Man loved The Black Woman in this movie and that their cultural preservation was worth fighting and dying for.


The Cousin

Yes, I teased the so-called bad guy in the movie calling him “Nick Cannon’s cousin”, but let’s take a moment to try to understand his pain of not knowing who he truly was. Bloodshed cut him off from his umbilical cord of knowledge so he grew up bitter, hateful and unremorseful towards his blood whom had left him in Oakland. Not having knowledge of self by theft of the people and their rich herstory carries the same side effects as he suffered while all he wanted to be a part of something beautiful and important which he did have a right to. The only thing is that he allowed for his bitterness to destroy the sacred part of himself and his history before his fall to the Black Panther.


The Black Panther

The strong and just King who is capable of ruling a Black Nation without ego or oppressing his citizens was profound and very powerful. He represented a flawless robust African man with a love for his people and country. The Matriarch, elders and the ancestors were well acknowledged and connected to the whole functioning of the African civilization as one unified front.            

Also I know what it looks like to have all of our heroes and sheroes wrapped up all in one! His Panther suit!

But this is a Marvel Comics movie and in the quote of King Shaka Zulu- “Nothing will be as it was, ever again”

Until we awaken.


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