Decolonization/Redistribution & Community Reparations seminar at PeopleSkool

Tiny - Posted on 23 January 2018

Sat, 01/27/2018 - 11:00am - Sun, 01/28/2018 - 2:00pm

Decolonization/Redistribution & Community Reparations seminar at PeopleSkool on the sacred land we unhoused, bordered, criminalized and displaced peoples cal Homefulness- with the goal of launching more Self-Determed poor and indigenous peoples led land reclamation movements like Homefulness across Mama Earth in this time of so much poor people/white supremacist hate, settler-colonizer theft and Sacred land desecration

This two day seminar is geared to bring/teach the medicine of hoarded wealth/inherited blood-stained dollars redistribution, settler colonizer decolonization, and Community reparations to as many folks as possible because poltrickster solutons are NOT solutions and we MUST spread POOR Magazine's poverty skola-led solutions in this time of so much mass distraction, unhoused, gentriFUKEd, criminalized, mass incarcerated,racism/wite supremacized miseducated, silenced and intentionally dismantled peoples
Day 1- Sat Jan 27th 10-4pm
Day 2- Sun Jan 28th 10-2pm

Day 1&2 (Both Days) is required for Folks with Race, Class & or Formal Education Privilege

An application and sLiding Scale Tuition is Required and is the first part of each participant's decolonizaiton. Please go to to download an applicaiton for folks with Race,class and/or formal educaion privilege. We will go lower than the listed tution - as low as $1.00 per person and you can also make payments, but please pay what is truly possible - this is your decision, and your first part of Truthteaching/degentriFUKing/Healing Please email the filled out applicaiton and/or any questions to us at

Day 1 (1 day Only) is for Poverty, migrante Skolaz
We also do full-time PeopleSkool for poverty, migrante, indigenous, unhoused, disabled, elder and youth skolaz. IF you are a poverty skola - please send an email to

If you are confused its ok- kkkolonization and Settler colonizer theft is CONfusing- Race and/or class privilege and blud-stained dolla hoarding is CONfusing- its meant to be. Capitalism and all this stolen land is intentionally CONfusing- so come and begin the Healing-and climb with us out of the vortex of so much pain - into interdependence, transformation and redistribution


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