Tiny - Posted on 26 November 2017

Since 1951, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has been working to provide free healthcare for refugees and internally displaced people. I had just learned this today when myself, along with my class, went to a workshop created by MSF to inform the city and community of Oakland what they do around the world.

They had us go through a mock simulation of what it would be like to go on these journeys that these refugees go through having to discard certain items and make hard decisions. Toward the end of the tour, MSF showed more of what they provided to help along the way. 

One of the stops was explaining what it was like, crossing the Mediterranean into Greece on a boat made for fifteen and holding one hundred and fifty.  Another station told us what it was like for people to have to be forced out of their house and have to choose five things to bring in a matter of seconds. I could relate to that one because I was n that experience many times in my life when my mother and I were forcefully evicted from apartments and houses.

In the beginning of the workshop, they gave us a passport type of thing that told us where we-we came from. I was from Honduras. The main reason why most people are migrating from Honduras is that of the high murder and homicide rate from the cartels and gangs.



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