Escalation With Military Weapons Provided by Urban Shield (Poem by LEROYF MOORE JR. for Protest Against Urban Shield)

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 10 September 2017

City governments
giving out permits to White Supremacists
Under Blue Shield
Cocked & loaded by Urban Shield
Escalation to the the tenth power
The same story over and over
We fall for the state's answers
Ableism & racism in movements
Constrict our voices & movements
Although disabled people make up over 70%
In the media our stories by us are a big 0%
Like a broken broken broken record
police training police training police training
Since the late 80’s now an i.d. that we, PWD, have to carry
As we concentrate what the police need
Nobody focusing what the community need
Lawsuit after lawsuit, we, the taxpayers, have to pay
While police and their budgets gets away scot-free
Movements not only inaccessible
But bought off by grant deals sealed by hand shakes under the table
Police brutality, one of the highest cause of becoming disabled
Violating the ADA since 1990
Berkeley police will be in court in October
Kayla Moore, disabled transgender woman, making history
Inside & outside courtrooms, Disability Justice is no where to be found
Here we go again flipped over by police in back of a protest, bleeding on the ground
Cause organizers don’t want to learn about Disability Justice principles  
It’s like a war of tug & pull
We need more than hope so let us all let go of the rope
Open wounds can’t be  clean with only soap
We must teach our own
And protect our homes
Make Disability Justice zones
By Leroy F. Moore Jr.
Pic:  Painting for flim, Where Is Hope: The Art of Murder, Police Brutality Against Police Brutality. It shows police abusing people in wheelchairs, on crutches and it has copwatchers and protesters with jackets that says I Can't Breath.


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