The Responses To Krip-Hop's Track SSI Dollarz By Men In San Bruno Jail

PNNscholar1 - Posted on 08 August 2017

Back in the late 90's I and Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia​ had the honor to present our work in San Bruno jail.  In July of 2017 I had another opportunity to present  my work, this time, Krip-Hop Nation under Poetry For the People's teacher Amalia Alvarez​. The men responded great to the videos, songs and talk all about Black disabled issues from Hip-Hop to police brutality but the spark was the song by Keith Jones​ and I entitled SSI Dollarz.  We ended the class by writing what they thought of the presentation and a cypher.  Click on the link to read the writings of the men responding to the song, SSI DOLLARZ.  I want to thank them for sharing their words and the teacher, Amalia Alvarez for inviting me. Read & Learn:

IDST 36 Summer 2017
Poetry for the People at CJ5/S.F. County Jail, San Bruno 
Student Responses to Leroy Moore’s “SSI Dollarz” 
SSI Dollars 
Grams collectin’ checks 
Hit da food bank and hit Foods Co next
Stretch a few dollas off dat SSI
Hit da backpack giveaway for ma school supplies
Take a piece of da pie on da 1st
Grams keep da SSI check tucked tight in da purse
Show you how you gon make it stretch 
Grams was too old to work 
Came from dirt 
Da SSI don’t pay what you worth
~Salevi Levi
I know what it’s like to live on SSI cause I have to live on it myself
I am also disabled so I know how hard it is just to get by
You have to make extra money any way possible OR STARVE
~David Myer
Marginalized Group
Social Security I want my sovereignty 
If I get that back they really can’t fuc* wit me
I’m from the land of the Sucka Free
The city that raised me
USA is the home where the brave be
~Deshun Kittles
That’s crazy living on SSI is not a bad thing, but it’s a struggle cause it’s talking about getting over a hump after the 15th cause you’re on a limited amount of money trying to make it to the next month and sometimes not having money at the end of the month. Life on SSI dollarz is difficult to a point. When you first get the money, you may feel rich, but really you’re not. But, one thing you can’t let it do is make you feel incapable cause you can do many things. It’s just called money management. 
~Michael Jones


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